Tokugawa Shogun’s Falconry and Edo Townspeople | YAMAZAKI Hisato
Restructuring the Social System of Shrines in Tokyo in the Early Meiji Period | KOMINAMI Hiroki
Memorial Lecture:
Politics on the Formation of Modern Cities in Northern Kyushu: Urban Development and Networks of Political, Business and Government Circles | ARIMA Manabu
Special Issue: “Channel, Strait and City”
Calais and the Channel in the Middle Ages | KATO Makoto
Uniting Continents, Connecting Seas: Ceuta and the Strait of Gibraltar in the Middle Ages | ITO Yoshihiko
The City’s Ships: Sea Traffic in Early Modern Istanbul | KAWAMOTO Satoshi
Entertainment Promotion and Urban Spaces around Kanmon Channel: Focusing on Shimonoseki | KANDA Yutsuki
Maritime Interactions of Bakumatsu Japan: Reconsidering the Shogunate’s Last Years from the Sea | SUGIMOTO Fumiko
Controlling Human Flow and Stock in Colonial Singapore | ONIMARU Takeshi
Academic Trends:
The Freedom of the Streets: New Research on Gender and Urban Space in Eurasia (1600-1850) | Danielle van den Heuvel, Bob Pierik, Bébio Vieira Amaro, Antonia Weiss, Marie Yasunaga
Book Review:
TAKAHASHI Shinichiro and CHIBA Toshiyuki (eds.), The Middle Ages through the Eyes of Travelling People: Social Functions of Source Materials in Japan and Europe, University of Tokyo Press, Tokyo, 2017 | OCHIAI Yoshiaki, KISHI Yasuko, SAKANO Masanori
Book Review and Reply:
TSUKADA Takashi, Osaka: A History of the People in Early Modern City: Old Age, Disease, and Livelihood among the Lower Classes, Chikumashobo, Tokyo, 2017 | TAWADA Masayasu, KAKUWA Yuko, TSUKADA Takashi
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